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Are the blinds going to be drawn on Adelaide’s booming market?

By Rishabh Dhall

Residential real estate is selling more than $100K than their selling price.

This is the first time in the history of South Australia that the prices of the properties are now more than half a million.

Thanks to the federal government easing out on policies, this is an incredible opportunity for sellers to put their assets in the market and achieve more than the expected process.

But still wondering how long it will drag to, the way market moving on it will show a drastic effect on Adelaide real estate market.

Buyers and sellers must get smarter and furious with their strategies towards their real estate needs.

The only way that government can take control is to reduce access to capital and stricken the loan policies and hence will damper the market. And sure, we will see this thing happing in the coming months.

Sellers this is for you (before selling your house)

As we can see amazing opportunities prevailing in the market and more and more houses for sale are coming up in the market. We are about to touch the peak but still, it’s too far.

  • Leverage the FOMO which is going on in the market. Take the (best and the final offer strategy), amplify the emotion, level out the highest demand.
  • Give your highest bid to the marketing, and make the standout point for the buyers to make them give the highest price for your property. This will provide the greatest impact and excel your process of selling your house.
  • Get the best real estate agent for your suburb (in short contact us!), who understands the market and most importantly understand your needs and desire. As the best agent will make a difference.

Buyers this is for you (when buying a property)

As you have clearly understood that this is a seller’s market, you must be thinking of holding off for a minute and not stepping into the market.

This would be a bad move, during this time ‘cost’ is the only thing that you must keep in the fort of your mind.

If you wait on the market, as the government will increase the lending cost in a couple of months, most of the Australians will not be able to enjoy the benefits that they are getting now, buying a house will be become difficult for them, and will miss out the best time to buy a house which is right now.

So, the best way to buy a property is to stamp out in the market, show the best offer in the crowd who are looking to buy the same property. At this point, the seller must have to get so many offers on the table. This is a time where you need to distinguish yourself and take the negotiation in your favour.

I must say everything comes up to negotiation and must be identified at the right time.

So, it all comes to one point, whether you are a seller or buyer, this is the time to take the advantage of the prevailing opportunity in the market. Adelaide will continue to stand out and still the best place to be the homeowner.