This article is all about Latest Property Market News in Adelaide and adelaide property is constant to other states in latest market news .

Latest Property Market News in Adelaide : The long-term trend will remain positive in Adelaide as we are seeing an increase in buyer demand.

By Pavy MarQ

By Rishabh Dhall

17th march, 2023

Just want to share a great news, as Onyx has grown 4 years last week. We feel proud to provide thousands of smiles and built a strong business model over the past years.


Let’s talk about what been happening now!  

The South Australian property market is going through rough time due to several factors, including the latest Reserve Bank of Australia interest rate rise to 3.35%. Homeowners and property investors are feeling the pinch as the mortgage payments skyrocketed. It will also directly impact on the development of new homes, which will get slower.

We know, Adelaide property values have been dropped a bit but the property market in Adelaide continues to move towards complete balance. Adelaide has shown 5.4% increase over the period of 12 months, siting at the median value of $765,000.

Buyers are experiencing rough times, struggling to meet the strict lending criteria set by banks. However, despite these challenges, the demand for houses in Adelaide continues to grow, with investors and buyers alike, drawn to the city’s lifestyle and affordability. 

With the right strategy and approach, you can still successfully sell your property. Be proactive, flexible, and realistic when pricing your home, and take advantage of right marketing strategy to generate interest from prospective buyers.