What Experts Think? Real Estate Episodes

What Experts Think? Real Estate Episodes

Real Estate

Real Estate Episode 1

Daniel Di Censo - Director, Your Loan HQ

Being a mortgage broker by profession and an accountant by qualification, he is a good chap with the great heart.
We will address certain questions which has been asked and has been left unanswered.
Let’s make it happen for you!

Real Estate Episode 2

Shayne Holmes - Property Investment Coaching

Hey property lovers,

If property investment is something you’re interested in then this is for you!

Do you think property investment is all it’s cracked up to be? It seems great on paper but is it really worth it?
Truth is, there’s always something new coming out of the property market whether it’s an innovative way to buy property or advice on how to make money out of property investment.

Do you think it could be worth it? Let’s find out!

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