Adelaide Real Estate Market- Is It Going in The Right Direction?

By Rishabh Dhall

26th April, 2022


Adelaide property market has experienced record levels of demand in March as view per listing went up by 2.9 % MoM changes and 64.6 % higher than this same period last year.

Should I sell my house now?

Why wouldn’t you? Adelaide property prices are on an upswing, interest rates are still low and hopefully, it won’t increase drastically, and there’s little supply of property on Adelaide’s market. Additionally, it looks like there’s already a lot of interest from buyers in South Australia; last month we have seen more than 1250 people looking for houses so, definitely worth selling!

Demand for property in Adelaide hits record high

We have seen huge traffic on our, according to recent media reports, property markets in Adelaide are moving at a blistering pace. Property experts warn that while activity and prices in Adelaide have been driven by underlying economic drivers, they expect prices to continue to rise as a further increase in interest rate will put pressure on households’ purchasing power.

Will house prices drop in Adelaide?

Like most things in life, prices tend to fluctuate— and that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. Australia is in a property market rise at present, as RBA hints at an interest rate hike being brought forward which means property prices are expecting prices to drop. A lot of people are concerned about buying property in Adelaide, especially if they have high mortgages. But looking at the current market there is no stopping – The rising house prices have not deterred house hunters with properties continuing to sell fast.