House Prices Is On The Roof Right Now

By Rishabh Dhall

Australian houses are now more expensive than they have been at any time in history and reaching a new record high.

Adelaide housing market has moved from strength to strength over the recent month with home values reaching a new record high.

From the topographical perspective, every sub-region of Adelaide has recorded a growth in price over the past three months.

According to CoreLogic, “so far detaching housing is outperforming with detach housing now 1.7% above pre-pandemic level compared to units which are 1.3% below pre-pandemic levels. This increase in the overall dwelling price aligned with the number of other indicators pointing to a sharp rebound in our housing market of 2021 progression”.


Where there is a reasonable demand in the market by purchaser taking advantage of the opportunity, the lack of stock in the market to surging the prices up.

Time To Sell?

We can say that the property market will remain positive for a while as the growth in the housing prices will ease down as more and more people decide to sell.

We are expecting to see more properties coming to the market as the vendor will respond to the rising demand from the buyer’s side that will make it a pretty good time to sell.

This is the time to act and aligned your real goals and take the opportunity as the market moves on in 2021.