Strong Buyer’s Interest Continuous.

By Rishabh Dhall

Sellers are more interested in cash-ready buyers as opposed to people with conditions.

Every capital city except Melbourne and Sydney has seen high prices for their dwelling from December onwards.

We have seen an increase in the prices of dwellings and sellers are getting more than the expected price as the buyers are ready to pay for their favourite houses. Right now, there are far more buyers in the market than the properties to accommodate all.

Our Campaign went amazing last week,

We launched 133A Kelly Road Modbury, after 1st open with 22 registered buyers, it’s already under contract.

We have seen a huge spike in the buyer’s activity and were blown away by the responses that we received.

According to CoreLogic, “with the market as hot as it was and more interstate residents looking to move to Adelaide, prices were likely to continue to rise and at the faster pace”.

What do we talk about the outlook in 2021?

  1. less stock for family.
  2. High demand, less supply.

According to the chairman of RDA, “Australia would be out of recession in 2021. Now is the golden window for buyers and sellers to take this opportunity”.

If you are thinking of selling, do it now because there is an undersupply, and the buyers are going crazy as they saved up their vacation money to buy a dream house.

We will expect an increase in the number of vendors getting confidence in the market.