Adelaide Got Third Place as the Most Liveable City in the World.

By Rishabh Dhall

Healthcare: 100| Stability: 95 | Cultural & Environmental: 83.8 | Education: 100 | Infrastructure: 96.4 

According to Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index for 2021, “ranked 140 cities across the globe – Adelaide has been awarded third “.

This is an astonishing win for Adelaide, moreover, a piece of amazing news for Australia holding four cities in total in the index.

Since 2015, when Adelaide was placed at fifth position and 10th place in 2019, this is the best moment for Adelaide by securing third place in the ranking.

The big question how do you define the quality of liveability?

Many factors come to underplay and the relationship between the external environment, induvial experiences, and individual health status is closely related to the quality of life.

The class of environment can further be classified into 3 different categories:

  1. Individual experience of life, like material, social, and activities.
  2. Social aspects include community and activities relating to work, leisure, creative and religious aspects.
  3. Then comes the psychological observation system which covers up the physical and the mental wellbeing of an individual.

If you like to know more about the different segmentation on how the quality of liveability is judge. We have attached the the file for you. Learn More

According to Property Council SA executive director Daniel Gannon, “Throughout the pandemic, our state has built a new reputation focused on resilience, safety, and wellbeing, which is leading to an increase in attention, population and investment”.

“One area of policy focus should now be attracting international students back to Adelaide to ensure South Australian export market remains as strong as possible”, he added.

Housing affordability makes the city more liveable, but the more the liveable is, the higher is the chances to face high demand that will increase property prices.

By looking at the current situation we can see that the housing market is on the move and has no intention to slow down. As Adelaide became the third liveable city in the world, we could expect more investments and an increase in the popularity among the tourism will increase and it all reflects the huge gains toward the ds positive housing market.

According to Christopher Joye from Coolabah Capital Investment (CCI), it “is predicting substantial property price growth through to the end of 2023, as well as similar gains in real residential investment”

They are expecting strong growth in the prices for the property over the coming years with the house prices rising to 20% to 30% over the property cycle.

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