The Price of Adelaide property market is Rising

By Rishabh Dhall

An interesting trend has emerged in the Adelaide real estate market; over the past year, the Adelaide house prices has risen 14% or more on average, while at the same time there are more homes listed on the market than ever before. This means that now might be the best time to sell your property in Adelaide and lock in this new high price point before things go back to normal and prices go back down. To learn more about selling your property now, get in touch with us here at Onyx Realtors.

Better news for sellers

Adelaide house prices has risen! it seems as though we are looking at a great time to sell your property. We currently have more listings than we did last month, still the prices can be achievable, even more than $50,000. If you need some help selling your home quickly and for a good price, contact our office today.

Sellers are on the winning side

Prices in South Australia and Australia-wide have seen a continual rise since late 2019. In fact, research from CoreLogic reports that house prices increased by 25.8% compared to previous year. With mortgage rates still at all-time lows, more listings and price rise around every corner, sellers have become more confident about selling their property now rather than waiting it out until next year. Hence, we at Onyx will be busy getting homes listed as soon as possible to sell before prices go up even further.

List your property now!

If you are thinking about selling your property now, you may want to consider setting a realistic asking price of your home for sale. More real estate for sale means more potential buyers and a higher chance that your property will sell quickly. This way, you won’t be stuck with a home that doesn’t sell for months on end. Contact us today to get the best possible price for your property from real estate agent.